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Appraisal Training / Mentoring Program
America's Real Estate Academy has developed an Appraisal Mentoring Program to assist newly registered appraisers gain practical and necessary training to become successful and competitive in the appraisal profession.

The Georgia Real Estate Appraiser Classification Act Rules and Regulationsmodified 03/01/04 pertaining to experience (539-1-.16), requires newly registered appraisers who wish to advance their classification status beyond registered to perform a minimum of 1000 hours of supervised appraisal activity. At a minimum, supervision should include joint physical inspection of at least 20 properties to insure new appraisers are competent in performing the subject inspection.

AREA's Mentoring Program will provide you with a way to conduct the 20 supervised appraisal inspections required on subject properties. In small groups learn how to competently conduct an appraisal assignment as you advance through the program phases: investigate assignment, inspect property and comparables, pull data, reconcile the data and complete reports. A qualified appraiser mentor for each assignment will sign as supervisory appraiser on your appraisal experience log. Once you have completed the program, you should be adequately prepared for less supervised appraisal work. This shall make you more appealing for a prospective company or employer to hire you. Or, you will be much better prepared to work on your own. Appraisal hours will also count toward your first 1000 hours of experience credit required for advancing to licensed or certified.

Completing the program will also qualify you for access to Review Appraisers for your own appraisal work when necessary in your future assignments and to accept, on independent contract basis, appraisal assignments through America's Real Estate Associates, Inc. As part of the program one or two of the mentoring appraisal assignments may be the appraisal inspection of new home construction. Dick Viti will conduct these inspections of new homes where you will learn a vast amount about residential construction to put you head and shoulders above your competition. This is the best opportunity to have all your questions answered on-site while conducting an actual inspection.

Program Plans

For more information please contact the office at 770-591-5552 or email
AREA Appraisal Graduates receive program discount.  

Full Program

Package includes:

  • 20 physical inspections supervised by a qualified, senior appraiser
            1 hands-on full day training assignment (Techniques)
         19 hands-on training assignments
  • Appraisal Techniques - Starter class 
  • Appraisal Report Writing
  • Payment Plan available
  • Classes may be customized for mentoring students. Full classes earn 14 CE hours.   

Single Assignment

Single Assignment Plan offers a flat rate for appraisers who need some extra help but do not need the full program. The pre-requisite classes - Techniques and Report Writing - can be ordered as CE classed. Techniques must be taken upon enrolling in Mentoring while Report Writing can be taken later in your training. 

Pre-requisite Courses

If a pre-set schedule is not available, additional course schedules can be added and/or customized when students enroll in Mentoring Program.

Next Class Schedules:
Appraisal Techniques
Appraisal Report Writing

Documents & Forms ......
Blank Appraiser Log - PDF Document or Excel Spreadsheet
Mentoring Waiver Form
Mentoring Standard Policies


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