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America's Real Estate Academy, Inc. (AREA), a Georgia and Florida accredited real estate school, now provides comprehensive real estate training and education NATIONWIDE for pre-license, post-license, exam prep, and (CE) in the following professional areas:

Through AREA's affiliations with McKissock, Career WebSchool, and 360 Training, AREA can now provide access to real estate education and training nationwide to allow you to become trained in real estate sales, appraisal, home inspection and the mortgage business. Pre-license, post-license, continuing education, and exam prep courses are available in most states.

Access online real estate broker, sales associate, appraiser, home inspector, mortgage loan officer and continuing education courses nationwide by selecting state course information below. In addition to the courses, you will find state requirements and information about careers as a real estate professional. Start your new career by clicking on the state links below so you can begin your training TODAY!
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Real Estate Sales and Brokerage

A career in real estate attracts thousands of new people of all ages each year. Real estate has proven to be an exciting and rewarding occupation. The cost to train and get equipped for real estate is minimal in comparison to almost any other profession. Despite the low cost to enter the real estate business, the financial rewards can be extremely lucrative.

Regardless of your age, occupational background, or educational background, you can succeed in real estate. If you are young, you will likely have an advantage with your knowledge of the use of technology and the ability to communicate with the increasing numbers of young homebuyers. Realtor® Magazine publishes an annual article entitled "30 Under 30" which describes incredible success stories of real estate professionals who have not yet become 30 years old. The magazine applauds the youthful practitioners - many just out of their teenage years, and states that there is no shortage of candidates each year for the articles.

If you are retiring from another career, you can utilize all of the knowledge and skills that you have acquired over the years to assist others in buying and selling real estate. Your seasoned and more mature approach to life may offer substantial benefit in providing specialty services or in directing your attention to segments of the market such as retirement houses, second homes, etc.

What about timing, is this a good time to start a career in real estate? Absolutely! There is never a bad time to get into real estate. Each year thousands of real estate professionals retire or otherwise leave the business. Even if market activity slows, swings in the market are typical and short-lived. Even during the "slow" periods, hundreds of thousands of properties change ownership.

Remember - the real estate industry is no different from any other profession or occupation. Most real estate practitioners are doing an average job. To succeed all you have to be is a little better than average.

Regardless of your background, the online courses provide in an easy to understand format real estate principles and practices as required by the license law. The focus of the course is on education and training - providing a thorough understanding of the material will assist you in preparing to successfully pass the state exam and get you started on your career in real estate.

Don't wait - get started today on your career as a real estate professional!

Register with AREA's Real Estate School and take the real estate prelicense course online and get your real estate license. You won't have any trouble finding a broker to hold your real estate license. Brokers are very aggressive in hiring new agents and offer many incentives including high commission splits and training programs. Contact America's Real Estate Academy today if you have any questions about obtaining your real estate license. Consider also the exam prep course to be sure you are fully prepared to pass the state exam. Once you have your real estate license, you will find that AREA can provide your real estate post license courses and continuing education classes with online and CD courses.

Real Estate Appraiser

Money Magazines #8 Best Job in America in 2006. Appraisal services can be the sole focus of the appraisers business or appraisals can be performed as a specialty along with real estate broker services.

Real estate appraisers assist property owners (or prospective property owners) with a number of real estate related decisions. Appraisers can assist sellers to identify a reasonable list price for a property needing to be sold. Appraisers also assist buyers with making reasonable offers on properties to be purchased. Mortgage lenders will rely on appraisals in making decisions regarding real estate loans.

Value estimates provided by appraisers are used in a number of ways including income tax, property tax, insurance, divorce, eminent domain, and numerous other ways. Real estate appraisers study real estate markets and the details of real estate transactions to learn what factors detract from or contribute to market activity.

Being a real estate appraiser can be an exciting and lucrative career with very little startup costs in terms of education, training and equipment.

You can start today, why wait? Learn how to be a real estate appraiser today!

Register with AREA's Florida Appraisal School and take the real estate appraiser course and get your real estate appraiser license. Contact America's Real Estate Academy today if you have any questions about obtaining your real estate appraiser license. Consider also the exam prep course to be sure you are fully prepared to pass the state exam. Once you have your real estate appraiser license, you will find that AREA can provide your real estate post license courses and continuing education classes as well as courses to help you advance your real estate appraiser license to certified residential or certified general.

Home Inspection

This is one of the fastest growing businesses in America. It is one of several short cuts that real estate provides to allow entrepreneurs to get into business for themselves.

Home inspectors make a detailed visual inspection of real estate improvements for their clients. The clients are provided a report of the inspection which the client will use to make decisions regarding the real property.

Inspections can be used to assist a seller of property. Often, property deficiencies are not discovered until a property is under contract – factors such as that can create difficulties for sellers and cause buyers to be disinterested. Inspections performed prior to offering the property for sale can permit repair of the items – eliminating issues later – and proper pricing of the property taking into account condition and repairs needed.

Naturally, anyone purchasing real estate would want to have an inspector provide a detailed report as to readily observable deficiencies existing in the property. This will minimize the opportunity that a purchaser will be faced with unexpected costs to repair items that should have been revealed with a careful inspection of the property.

As with real estate sales and appraisal, home inspection offers enormous income potential despite the relative low cost of education, training, and equipment.

What are you waiting for? Get started today!

Register with AREA's Home Inspection School and take the home inspection course and get started in your new career as a home inspector. Contact America's Real Estate Academy today if you have any questions about obtaining becoming a home inspector. Once you have your start in the home inspection business, you will find that AREA can provide your continuing education classes as well as courses to help you advance your real home inspection credentials.



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