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How to Obtain Appraisal License

You have completed your 90-hour mandated course work and passed all of your exams. Now what do you do?

Steps to submit your completed application to the Georgia Real Estate Appraisal Board:

Course Credit Certification:
AREA has electronically certified all of your course credit to the state utilizing the contact information you provided the school. No additional information or paperwork will be required from AREA to prove you graduated. You will receive a course completion email with your classes and passing scores. This is for your personal records and does not need to be sent to the state with your application form.
If for whatever reason you want a paper completion certificate at no charge, please notify the office within one week of your course completion. Subsequent requests must be in writing and fees will apply depending upon the completion timeframe of your original course.   

This is the criminal background report that is required when obtaining a license in the state of Georgia. It is very easy to obtain. Contact your local police agency and inquire as to how your county or municipality handles these requests. Many counties only process these requests at the jail. There is a small fee and the requests vary from $5 to $15 depending upon the county. It is not necessary to obtain the more expensive national report.

Immigrations Form:
As of Jan 1, 2012 a Lawful Presence Verification Form is required for every licensee obtaining or renewing their state license. This must be completed, notarized, and sent with your appraisal license application in order for the state to grant the license. AREA has a notary available and can provide this to you while you are attending class or during regular office hours.    

GREAB Application Form: 
The application form can be found on the state site. AREA has a direct link to the form, click here: 
Application for State Registered Appraiser. Fully complete this form and submit it to the address listed at the top of the form. You may walk it or mail it in - it won't speed up process. The turn around time shall vary based upon the workload at the state office. Most students mail it or send it express service. State personnel may not appreciate your pacing in their office. They can be very busy, particularly at the end of the month when many licensees are renewing. 

The form does ask for a business name and address. If you already know who you will be working with, fill it in appropriately and include it. If you are uncertain, you could put down the information that applies to how you will be setting yourself up in business, company name, home address, or whatever you feel is applicable. Payment is required with the form. Make sure you are sending in a properly completed cashiers check or money order.

State License:
You will receive a license from the state generally a week or two later if your paperwork was in order. You should inspect the data and the renewal date. If there are any errors correct it immediately.

Registered or Trainee?
AREA highly recommends that you initially become registered and then take the trainee course, if you choose to do so. Although the trainee course is NOT needed to gain your registered license, you may be interested in taking the additional 4-hour course so that you could also work for a Certified Appraiser and perform appraisal work on mortgage assignments. AREA offers access to the National Supervisor-Trainee course. If you take the course after you get your registered license, it will also provide continuing education credit.

Final Step:
Get work. And you thought the tests were hard! Many students have had a great deal of success and we love to hear their stories. You will have to knock on many doors, send out notices, and tell people that you are now ready and able to work. You've earned your license now put it to work. Expect in the beginning to earn peanuts if you are lucky when working with a mentor. Rather than money you are earning experience and this can prove very valuable when you have a good supervisor.

Continuing Education:
Let AREA help you with Continuing Education to maintain and elevate your appraisal license. Every renewal cycle appraisers need 14 CE hours. The USPAP 7-hr Update is required every other cycle. Take classification courses to elevate and make the most out of your CE requirements.

Good Luck!!   


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