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 Real Estate Sales Questions 
  • I am interested in becoming a Real Estate Agent. How can AREA help me?
    AREA offers a comprehensive real estate sales pre-license course that is devoted to covering all of the topics required by the Georgia Real Estate Commission in order to qualify for the state license exam to become a salesperson. In addition, AREA offers all of the courses necessary to maintain and advance a real estate license.  back to top

  • What does the Sales Person Pre-License course cover?
    This course teaches the fundamentals of real estate and prepares students for the activities and responsibilities of employment as a salesperson. Curriculum covers real estate principles, including: legal descriptions, property rights, forms of ownership, title transfers contract law, real estate math and finance, taxes, valuations, closing statements, licensing laws and regulation, agency and more.  back to top

  • How long is your course?
    The course is a total of 75 hours, which is the minimum mandated by the State.  back to top

  • What type of course schedules does AREA offer?
    AREA offers both traditional in-classroom and online experiences. The available classroom setting courses are day or evening-weekend schedules. The program is separated into 2 classes. As an added bonus you can earn dual state license credit that can be applied to appraising. A school administrator can provide more details for this benefit. The prelicense program is also offered online for individuals that may have time or commuting constraints.  back to top

  • Is there a test?
    Yes, this course requires a school exam with a passing grade of 75% or better. After passing the test you will be eligible to set an appointment to take the State exam to become licensed.   back to top

  • How does a license become active?
    In order to have an active sales license an agent must be affiliated with a licensed Broker, who will hold the agent's license.  back to top

  • What is required to maintain a license?
    The GA Real Estate Commission requires every new real estate licensee to complete a 25-hour post license course within one year of obtaining their license. This applies to those who gained their license by reciprocity. In addition every licensee must take continuing education (CE) hours every four years to renew their license. The number of credit hours has been increased to 36 hours effective 7/1/2015. Effective 7/1/2016, licensees must have 3 hrs of real estate law as part of their 36 CE hours.  back to top

  • Will it be easy to find a Broker willing to hire me?
    Many Brokers will be anxious to speak with and recruit prospective agents. It is actually more difficult to decide which Broker will be the best match for your needs as a new agent.  back to top

  • How does a licensed agent become a Broker?
    In order to become a Broker an agent must have an active sales license for three years within the last five. AREA also offers the Broker 60-hour course for individuals wanting to advance their status.  back to top

  • What is the cost of this course?
    The cost of this course varies depending upon the format chosen. The current in-class program for the full 75 hours is $425 when purchased early ($625 full price). It is comprised of two classes so that you can gain real estate sales AND appraisal credit. Online courses are available as well; these range in price from $199.00 to $329.00. Students often do better with in-class for several reasons: students can have questions answered immediately; students can learn from interacting with other classmates; class environment is focused; and students can turn off life's distractions. Online is a viable option for those with commuting or scheduling issues, but students need to be dedicated and set specific time goals.   back to top

  • How do I register for a Real Estate Course?
    You can register online, send a registration form to the AREA office via mail or fax, or simply call the office at 770-591-5552 and an administrator will be happy to assist you.  back to top


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