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 School Policies 
  • School Accreditation
    AREA is a fully certified real estate education school, qualified to teach pre- and post license courses and continuing education courses covering appraisal, real estate sales and home inspection. GREC School Code #2786; GREAB School Code #2787.  back to top

  • Entrance Qualifications
    Any individual may take courses for educational purposes. Admission for all courses requiring state licensure is limited to students who are: at least eighteen (18) years old; and high school graduates (or holder of a general educational developmental equivalency diploma). Courses may be taken prior to satisfying age or degree requirements; licensing will be delayed until issue is met.   back to top

  • Attendance Requirements
    Each course is organized and designed to present the theory, application, and complexities of real estate subjects in an orderly and understandable sequence. In addition, The Georgia Real Estate Commission and/or the Georgia Real Estate Appraisers Board requires a certain minimum number of hours of attendance before the school can issue credit for the course hours. It is therefore important that all class sessions be attended. Attendance will be taken at various times by the instructor and it is the student's responsibility that the attendance accurately reflects their presence at each session. Do not expect the instructor to remember that you attended class. In addition to the educational benefit, attendance at all class sessions will insure that the student has met the minimum number of hours required by the GREC and/or GREAB. Certification of attendance for the required number of hours is mandatory before taking the course final examination, before receiving certification of course completion, or before obtaining a certificate for continuing education.  back to top

  • Make-up Sessions
    If, however, missing a morning, afternoon, or evening session (or any part thereof) becomes unavoidable, make-up sessions for fulfillment of required attendance will be individually arranged. Students are strongly urged to attend all of the originally scheduled sessions for the courses registered. There is no assurance that make-up classes would be any more convenient or that space will be available for make-up attendance in subsequent classes. Perfect attendance of the originally scheduled class sessions will permit a student who fails a course final examination to re-take the examination one additional time without incurring any additional cost. Failure to attain perfect attendance will require a fee to re-take any failed exams. Make-Up Sessions - Any student that needs to make-up a missed session must: 1)make arrangements in writing, email is sufficient to, with the school administration (not the course instructor) to attend a make-up session for the curriculum missed; and 2)pay, at the time of arranging the make-up session, a fee of $30.00 per session or purchase preapproved substitute curriculum. Failure to attend scheduled make-up session(s) may result in additional fees. Alternative arrangements may be available on case-by-case basis. All make-up sessions must be scheduled and attended within 90 days of the original missed session. After 90 days, makeup sessions will not be available. Students will be subject to new enrollment policies. A student who has excessive absences may be removed from class and required to re-enroll in the particular course in question to ensure the integrity of the learning process and environment for all students, and pay any applicable fees. The office has the authority and may use their judgment on a case-by-case basis to handle special situations.  back to top

  • Participation
    Students will be expected and encouraged to participate in the organized classroom activities. Students will also be expected to refrain from conversations with other students as such behavior can be distracting to the instructor and other students in the classroom. Instructors will be intolerant of disruptive behavior and are authorized to remove classroom distractions.   back to top

  • Cell Phones/Mobile Devices
    Unless you are on the organ transplant list, it will be expected all electronic devices will be turned off. Students will have ample opportunity on breaks to engage in personal or business communications.  back to top

  • Final Exams
    If a final exam is required, you must obtain the course minimum passing grade. If you fail to score at least 75%, you may re-take the exam one additional time. Exception for USPAP course which permits three attempts. To retake an exam, you will need to contact the school administration to schedule an appointment. There is no charge for the retake of the exam if you have perfect attendance and submitted required work during the regularly scheduled class. If, however, you must re-take a final exam and you have less than perfect attendance, there will be an administrative charge for the re-take examination. All make-up exams must be completed within 90 days of original course scheduled completion date. Failure to attend scheduled examinations may result in additional fees.  back to top

  • Class Completion Certification - Certificates
    Upon completion of a course and/or required exam, certification shall be submitted electronically to the appropriate state agency. An electronic completion notice shall be sent to you from the school detailing your course credit for your own personal records and should NOT be sent to the state for any type of renewal or for the purpose of scheduling any exams. NOTE - Students may not receive continuing education credit for a course that had been taken within the previous calendar year. In the event the student needs a paper certificate for any reason they should notify the AREA administrative office in writing within two (2) weeks after the completion of class. Such notice should be provided by email to A paper certificate will then be available for pick up at the office, or emailed, at no additional charge. Beginning after two (2) weeks after the course, any requests for electronic or paper certification of completion and/or transcripts will be subject to an administrative fee. All such requests must be in writing by email to, at which time you will be advised of the fee and procedures for satisfying your request.   back to top

  • Student Information
    All questions pertaining to registration, refunds, school policy, course content, explanation of state licensing law, final exams, and completion certificates should be addressed to the administration at AREA who can be reached at 770-591-5552 or you may send an email to   back to top

  • Non-Discrimination
    AREA does not discriminate in fees, enrollment, or completion policies on the basis of race, color, sex, religion, national origin, familial status, or disability.  back to top

  • Privacy
    AREA will not share, sell or distribute any information obtained from persons who provide data through this website or directly to AREA in the pursuit of real estate related education information with the exception of information required to be provided to regulatory authorities for student benefit.  back to top

  • Refunds for Classroom Courses
    AREA recognizes that unforeseen circumstances may require the withdrawal of a student from classroom enrollment and therefore has established the following Refund Policies. Student cancellation notices must be in writing by email to and will be effective when the written notice is received by AREA. Student will be responsible for the retail price for all books and materials received ($50-$75 depending on the program). All student withdrawals/transfers will be assessed a $75 administrative fee. Cancellation timeframe: **More than ten business days before the start of class - Full refund subject to administrative fee referenced above. **Less than ten business days up to and including two business days before the start of class - School credit, valid for a one year period, in the amount of the tuition paid minus the administrative fee referenced above. School credit, shall be applied to the cost of a similar in-class program once the transfer fee is paid. **NO refund/credit will be issued if cancellation notice is not received by AREA at least two business days prior to the class start date (e.g. course starts on a Tuesday, notice must be provided by close of business the prior Thursday); or if a student withdraws during the program. Upon rescheduling/re-enrollment students shall be responsible for any course price increase. Refunds shall take 4-6 weeks. AREA reserves the right to cancel a class if minimum enrollment is not achieved. Full refunds would be issued in this case.  back to top

  • Refund Policy for Online/Computer Based Courses
    AREA's Refund Policy for online courses - refunds are NOT issued except under the following conditions: Refunds due to unresolved technical issues will be applied only if not more than one lesson following the course tutorial has been completed. The student must contact the appropriate tech support first to try to resolve the issue. The student must provide the following to the school administrative staff: the tech support person's name, date you spoke with them, and the help ticket number.  back to top

  • Returned Checks
    A $30.00 charge will be assessed to any applicant who has a check returned due to insufficient funds or a closed account.   back to top

  • Class Size - Course Schedules
    AREA reserves the right to regulate class size and reschedule classes as necessary due to weather or other unforeseen events.   back to top

  • Multiple License Credit
    Certain AREA courses offer multiple types and levels of licensing credit. Students attending these classes should alert administration upon course enrollment of the type credit desired. For any course which requires an exam to advance license status, students must schedule exam with the Administrative office prior to the last day of class. If an exam is not scheduled, students shall receive continuing education (CE) credit at the conclusion of the class. Final exams cannot be scheduled once the CE credit has been reported to the State. Students may be required to repeat course if alternative credit is requested.  back to top

  • Virtual Classes
    Exigent circumstances such as the recent response to Covid-19 or weather related issues may require that scheduled classes be taught virtually rather than in the classroom. The decision to switch to virtual classes at anytime is at the full discretion of the school and the instructor or government agency. Virtual classes will be instructor lead and to the best of our ability provide a similar experience to the classroom experience allowing the students to interact during the presentation. In the event that it becomes necessary to switch any course or class to virtual learning it is incumbent on the student to have available, and ready for use a computer (not a phone) with both video and audio capability. Students must be seated and fully visible on camera eliminating any distractions; microphone will be muted unless directed by instructor. Instructor will provide instructions prior to the beginning of class as to how to utilize system features. In addition, the student must be able to install and use the technology which allows virtual participation. Currently the school uses ZOOM for virtual learning and reserves the right to use other tools should superior products become available. When instruction calls for a shared screen, the instructor will take over participants' monitors. The student is still fully visible to the host instructor. School has the authority to remove anyone not adhering to policies and credit will not be issued.  back to top


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